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This course is open only to ADS Alumni

ADS Alumni are the amazing group of dentists who have attended the ADS one year Cosmetic Dentistry & Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry programme run by Dr Christopher Orr over the last 15 years.

This 2 days update will cover current direct and indirect options for posterior restorations with relevant hands on.


Dr Christopher Orr

Dr Joe Bansal


Crowns & veneers: when are they needed today?

Direct posterior restorations:

  • Posterior composite: can we simplify without compromise?
  • Update on current research on posterior composite
  • How much of a problem is shrinkage today?
  • Strategies for layering
  • Bulk fill materials: ready for routine use?
  • Rubber dam technique: how to do it quickly and easily
  • Shade selection for posterior composite
  • Do we need lines/bases with today's materials?
  • The role of GIC in direct posterior restorations
  • Deep margin elevation: a useful technique
  • Managing teeth which have become heavily stained from old amalgam restorations
  • Adhesion update with specific emphasis on direct posterior restorations
  • Sectional matrix bands
  • Making a tight contact point
  • Sculpting colouring (staining) and other advanced colouring options
  • Occlusal management
  • Finishing & polishing inc. use of glazing resins
  • Management of post-op sensitivity

Indirect restorations:

  • Onlays vs. crowns for posterior teeth
  • When are inlays needed?
  • Restoration of the endodontically-treated posterior tooth
  • Update on current research on onlays & crowns: survival rates, endo complications etc
  • Material selection: gold vs. composite vs EMax vs. other ceramics
  • Digital vs. analogue workflows: does digital offer any advantages?
  • Preparation design
  • When to cover cusps and when to use full coverage
  • To block out or not?
  • Impression techniques
  • Temporisation
  • Adhesive selection for ceramic onlays
  • Cement selection
  • Fitting & finishing
  • Occlusal adjustments & repolishing


  • Rubber dam application
  • Compare & contrast layering vs bulk fill
  • Compare & contrast different options for bulk fill (low viscosity & capping layer + high viscosity approaches)
  • Compare & contrast standard circumferential matrices vs sectional matrices
  • Fissure staining
  • Finishing & polishing


  • Preps
  • Impressions
  • Temporisation
  • Fitting


22nd-23rd March 2019


All bookings are done online through our website

£1090.00 + VAT

The course sessions are held at our custom-built postgraduate education facility, close to London Bridge station.

Advanced Dental Seminars
11a Bell Yard Mews
Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3TN

Each day, the morning lecture starts at 9.15am and we will finish at around 5.30pm.

If you are travelling from outside London we strongly recommend that you travel up the night before the course day and stay the night before so that you are fresh for the session.

Tea and coffee are provided at appropriate intervals throughout the day.

A buffet lunch is provided. If you prefer to go out, there are numerous establishments offering a full range of culinary options just a few minutes’ walk away from our venue.

Please note that currently we are not able to cater for specific dietary requirements. Special care is given to provide a wide selection of options.

Further information & bookings

Please contact ADS Team on 020 7940 0885 if you require further information on the course and its content. Preferably you can contact us by email on

Please note, Advanced Dental Seminars reserves the right to refuse or cancel a booking.